Iron Check (Winterizing Stain and Scale) - 1 Pint

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Iron Check (Winterizing Stain and Scale) - 1 Pint: DIRECTIONS This product should be added to pool water at the first sign of any problem. Initial dose consists of 1 Qt. (32 oz.) per 25,000 gal. of pool water and should be added directly into pool or diluted with water and then poured into pool while walking around the perimeter. If extreme scaling is the problem, small amounts of scale may be loosened from inside of the equipment and come back into pool as small white flakes. These are an indication that this product is working and can be easily vacuumed up. After metal treatment, subsequent doses of 6 oz. per 25,000 gals. per week will help prevent future problems When problem is extremely severe, an additional treatment of 1 Qt. per 25,000 gal. pool water may be necessary. Do not superchlorinate for 3 days after adding this product. NOTE: If large amounts of Iron or Copper are present in water, an alternative treatment is to raise the pH of pool water to 8-8.5 and then superchlorinate by adding 1lb. chlorine powder per 10,000 gals. of pool water. Allow water to circulate a few hours and shut down. Next day, vacuum settled metals to waste and then add a quart of this product per 25,000 gals. of water to remove any stains that may be found. TO CALCULATE POOL GALLON: For Rectangular Pools: Average depth x length x width (all in feet) x 7.5 = gallons. For Round Pools: Diameter of pool x diameter of pool x average depth (all in feet) x 5.9 = gallons. 90 Day Warranty.

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